It is time to think about scholarships for next year.

Home currently offers the following scholarships- 

-Soroptmimst Scholarship 
Soproptmimst International of Spokane is once again offering the Women's Opportunity Award. The scholarship is available to women who are the primary financial supporters for their families and are attending school. If you would like an applciaton please email us at

Come to the Women and Gender Studies Center in Monroe 207 and find out more about what is available. Getting scholarships now is so much easier than paying back loans with interest after you graduate!

We believe that higher education is the most positive, effective, and lasting means of achieving self-sufficiency. Finding and being able to afford quality childcare becomes a critical issue for parents attempting to earn a college degree. The H.O.M.E. Program offers  scholarships to help pay for daycare expenses.

Contact the H.O.M.E. office with any questions
 at 359-4237